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Born in 1942, Brian Sutherland studied Fine Art at Sunderland College of Art from 1958 to 1962 before exhibiting widely in more than 20 shows, including 8 solo exhibitions. His work is held in numerous private collections worldwide and most notably by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent and the author Laurie Lee.

Working predominately in oils, the paintings all have a strong sense of composition and colour with striking contrasts between light and dark. There is in the work a sense of transition and the passing of time; an intervention at the moment between order and disorder. His work hovers between the traditional and contemporary, portraying a deeply personal and sympathetic response to the environment.

Venice - 'A city of beauty and a source of delight, or a symbol of decline and decay?' perhaps the answer is something of both

Rome, the Colosseum - an ever-changing interplay of light and dark shapes emphasising the ravages of the centuries

Durham - Land of the Prince Bishops, the Venerable Bede and of a rich industrial and mining heritage - a county of true contrasts